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Behind the Scenes in the Barn

One of the most difficult things about getting ready for a sale is breaking down the vignettes from the last sale. Sometimes you just fall in love with the end result. The vignettes are added to and taken away from as appointments are made and pieces sell or get added from our most recent picking trips. We start back up with hosting private events here in the lower barn primarily in February and then include the upper barn in the second half of March. This requires us to rearrange even more to fit in event tables and chairs, making the barn beautiful in yet again a different way.

We have often been asked if it’s nice to not be open between sales and have that time off. It’s funny but it is often busier in the off season with our behind the scenes activities of prepping, team meetings, holding meetings with prospective charities and clients and gathering. We gather in a variety of ways which often results in a jam packed barn… of piles and stuff that makes it difficult to navigate in the barn and horse stables.

After a private event in the barn this weekend, we will begin the placement and design of all of the merchandise that we have been gathering. We are so excited about our new finds and the plans have been spinning in my head on how to put it all together. We have glass…

and linens…


chairs, and more chairs.



Frames, mirrors…



and lamps.

We’re not quite sure how all of these gathered goodies are going to get priced and make their way to their final places in the stone barn but we are hoping for some little leprechauns to show up over the weekend!

Come on Spring… lets show your true colors and help us along with this process! We would love to be awash in the colors of Spring at our upcoming sale and picnic preview party on April 11th.

Click here to find out the details and be the first to see the fruits of our labor since December. We cannot wait!

Spring Preview Party: A Picnic on the Farm – April 11th, 11:30am – 2pm

Spring Barn Sale: April 13th, 14th, & 15th

With enthusiasm… and a little luck of the Irish to get it all together!





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