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Barn Sale Preparation

We are less than one month away from our opening Barn Sale of 2019! Things are pretty intense around here as while we would love to have everything on its way to being set up right now, we are still receiving shipments in for merchandise that we placed in January in at the Atlanta Furnishings, Design and Gift Show . When I order at the show, I often order product with an eye on how it integrates into the vignettes that I am planning in my head. You have to keep an eye on how what you order from one vendor integrates with what you order from another vendor and so on. Aside from the new merchandise, the vintage items while many are in direct opposition of the new, have to fit in as well… otherwise it would look like a barn full of stuff with no rhythm or reason. While I absolutely love barns filled with old stuff… our intent here is to show you how you can incorporate that stuff into your own home with a carefully curated selection.

While we wait for the rest of the shipments that are due to arrive and pick up more odds and ends that we cannot resist, we have been sanding…









and arranging the spaces to incorporate all the treasures that we have found and continue to come in.

Some days look like we are having a yard sale in front of the barn

for when there is sun, we work right outside for it is often warmer outside than it is inside a stone barn whose winter chill takes a while to warm up.

The bright sunlight is often better to see with if we are working on something that requires these older eyes to see every detail.

There is also a lot of dust and dirt kicked up by working with items that have been hiding from view in some of the cubbies and neglected spaces we find some of these beauties.

Many of the pieces we work with come from a variety of scenarios. Some have been loved just a little bit too much, wearing their love and use like a coat that covers up a fantastic outfit underneath.

Some have been neglected and left out to rust and wear, thus causing a little bit too much damage that distracts from their true beauty.

Some fit the above categories as well as needing another purpose that is different than their original intent, so as to be kept from the trash or burn pile. Such as this old weathered and worn silo door that is about to become a pretty awesome towel bar.

Some have been painted in the past and they just need a freshen up or a new coat to wear.

And there still are just a couple of must have pieces that need to be picked up this weekend with some more hands to help for they were just too heavy to pickup by just Julie and I. We know we have muscles but this iron stove is a true heavy load!

As we wrap up projects in the next couple of days, for we do have a deadline as to when work has to stop otherwise we would be “project” working until the sale itself, there are plenty of items waiting in the wings to be put into their place, often being reinvented into another usage than originally intended. That is what we love to do here! We love to keep items out of the garbage dumps and repurpose them into beautiful accents for your home today. We then mix them with new products that fit in with or add to their aesthetic and give you many options when you come to a sale in the barn.

I am not going to show the reveal of most of these projects that I have shown in this post, for we would love to have you come view them in person but here is one that I think gives you a little taste in the makeover department.

Soon we will be dusting off and putting away our tools and paints so we can hit the barn floor in earnest making a full court press in order to put all of it together in time for you to walk through the doors either at the Spring Preview Party on Wednesday, April 24th or when our barn doors open to the public on Friday, April 26th at 10am for our Spring Barn Sale.

We have a few appearances and new events going on during this sale that we will be revealing later this week so stay tuned for they are sure to be full of fun and elevate your experience here at a Life’s Patina Barn Sale! Keep in mind that the organization we’re supporting for this sale is local non-profit, Arts Holding Hands and Hearts, who works to empower youth, strengthen families, and mobilize communities through literacy, mindfulness, and expressive arts. A portion of each purchase at our Spring Preview Party and Spring Barn Sale will benefit AHHAH. To find out more about them, click here

We can’t wait to welcome you all in!


~ Meg and the team at Life’s Patina

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  1. Amy lord says:

    You inspire me with your amazing creative way. You bring beauty to everything you touch.. You are such a hard worker. Your passion is contagious. I can’t wait to see your barn

    • Meg Veno says:

      Thank you so much Amy! Your words warm my heart! I thank you for your love and support over the years!

  2. Beth wheeler says:

    Hi meg. Can you put me on your email list for you sales.