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A Vintage Halloween

Vintage Halloween

I am not one for bright colors and saturated tones. I love pale pastels and neutrals along with navy or any shade of blue for that matter and use them often in my decor. When it comes to Halloween though, I love the throwback vintage bold orange and black. I am an old soul and that just might be what draws me to this style for this particular holiday.

Vintage Halloween

There is something about the smiling faces of the children even when paired with scarier images that draws me in and brings me back to a simpler albeit not necessarily easier time. 

vintage Halloween

This year, for a Halloween tablescape, I drew inspiration from a pack of vintage styled postcards from Cavallini and Company. I love the vintage designs that Cavallini incorporates into their product as well as their quality, and because of that, we carry many of their products in the barn. I used the postcards as decor by perching them in various places down the center of the Dining Room table that I had first lined with a piece of burlap. I like how the neutrality of the burlap lets the colors of the items placed on top of it, pop. I embellished the postcards a little, by punching a hole in the top of the postcards and then tied a pretty piece of orange and black ribbon through the hole. Over the years, I have collected quite a few baskets, bowls and other decor elements with the orange and black color palette in mind and each year I change them up a bit by what I either stuff inside them or display them with. 

halloween decor

In the center of the table I placed a battery operated black and orange table top tree that I picked up on clearance somewhere along the line so that at night, it would cast an orange glow on the table. When doing a table top vignette, I always start with the center of the table first and work my way out. Here I tucked in a black metal house with candles inside whose glow, again at night, will add some sparkle. A wooden “Boo” sign was added.

halloween candles

On the other side of the tree, I placed 3 “already been burned” white candles to give a creepier effect that I wrapped in wire spider webs. Another find at an after Halloween clearance sale.

vintage halloween

When entertaining, always keep in mind the fun factor, especially if children are involved and always for a holiday like Halloween. On the table, as part of the tablescape, I interspersed “fun factor” items that could be easily plucked from the table to be used by little hands. Here are a pile of Halloween crackers, which are just like the traditional Christmas crackers, where when you pull on both ends, treats pop out. 

vintage halloween toys

I also spread out an assortment of Dollar Store little trinkets and toys, all in the same color scheme. Again to be taken by little hands who might need a little distraction from the candy bowl or their trick or treat bags!

vintage halloween

Speaking of candy… there are so many pre wrapped candies at this time of year that lend themselves to decorating a Halloween table. I love to leave a little take home gift at each place setting for the guests. These colorful candies are the perfect take home when packaged in pretty packaging like the paper pumpkins or the cellophane witch treat bags. A cream china plate works well with a pretty paper plate atop it and a paper napkin wrapped in the same Halloween ribbon that tops the postcards.

halloween table decor

At the far end of the table runner, I placed the plastic ware and some colored straws in clear glasses to give more of a color punch to the table than lying the plastic ware next to each place setting. A party store will have the colored forks, knives and spoons as well as the straws.

halloween paper goods

Have I told you that along with china… I LOVE paper goods? Invitations, treat bags, thank you notes, beautiful paper napkins and just plain paper products? These neutral and less colorful invitations and treat bags work well with bringing the burlap into the decor for they are along the same lines of being a little more natural looking.( I also REALLY love snail mail invitations!)


If incorporating baked goods into your party, use decorative paper liners and accessories to dress up a simple cupcake. Here I made a pumpkin and chocolate chip bread recipe and baked the batter in cupcake liners and then frosted them with a cream cheese icing… yum!

halloween decor

Considering the fact that our youngest child is now 16 and he would cringe at being called a child, things have changed around here at Halloween. I no longer decorate the entire house for only 2 of the 5 children are still residing here but I do place Halloween decor around, a little in each room and then do up the Dining Room big. We know that is where we will end up to share a meal with both family and friends so a little more effort in that room will bring a smile or two to the faces that end up around the table. 

halloween decor

Whether you head out in your neighborhood with your littles to trick or treat, or spend time together at the table with family or friends , or snuggle up on a comfy chair with a book while you wait between doorbell rings to hand out candy, may a little smile etch your face as you do something different than your everyday. May you celebrate the special occasion… even if you are not a child. 




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