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A typical Murphy’s Law Day with some Perspective – Part 2 of 2

Hello again! I left off yesterday at this point in my story…I hope that you were not hanging off the edge of your seat!
Murphy’s Law is alive and well in my life….let me just briefly describe my Monday. It was a rough weekend (stomach flu & Constitution Center with the Boy Scouts for 7 hours – a toss up for which was more pleasant!) but I woke up full of hope and optimism that I would conquer the world this week!!  All of the kids made their proper buses and cars to school!  The day was looking good!!  I was breathing a sigh of relief and relishing in the quiet moments that surrounded me after the rush of the morning until….  good ole Mr. Murphy showed up (no, not my dad).  That Murphy’s Law thing and here’s how it went instead…

1. The puppy, who poetically is named Murphy, starts a little dance as well as a high pitched wine. After continuing that for a few minutes he proceeds to stay under my feet as I continue my morning and sporadically does the little dance and whines. As it turns out, puppy who thought it was loads of fun to eat a stick last week…whole!  is finding out that it is not as fun to get rid of that stick after digesting it…called the vet.

2. Met with contractor to go over estimates and after retorting, “We have to do that, why????  took 2 Advil.

3. Oldest son, who is working for said contractor, runs smack into 2 boards sticking out of truck with his nose. hits the ground hard…called the Doctor.

4. After bandaging up older son, picked up middle son at school for Orthodontist appt. of which he forgot about. Took 10 minutes to extract him from class, now 10 minutes late for appt.

5. Run to Target across the street to pick up a box of hair dye so that I can cover up the grays covertly in the middle of the night…last night. Run around looking for dye that used to be in aisle 5 only to find that aisle 5, 6 and 7 are empty. (of course they are!) Frantically find red shirted worker with a badge to ask where hair dye has upped and moved itself. She shakes her head and after sensing my meltdown, calmly states that they have no hair dye out right now, it’s all in the back while they change their displays. I form some expression that is supposed to look like a smile and say through gritted teeth, “No problem, ” trying to keep in mind what my mom taught me, it is not her fault that Target has no sensitivity to woman who desperately need hair dye now!

6. Run back to Orthodontist who tells me he has good news and bad news. The good news is that middle son is getting his braces off at the next visit. The bad news is that the permeant tooth next to the front tooth that said son, knocked out four years ago is dead, eating away at the bone above it and it needs to be pulled. Here is the caveat…the same day as the braces are taken off. No biggie except that he is due to get them off in 3 weeks when we are away for Spring Break. Due to many scheduling conflicts, staffing, lunch hour, Doctor on vacation …we walk out of office a full ten minutes later with a 9-5 appt. April 24th… today is March 5th. Take 2 more Advil.

7. Drop son back off at school and while trying to run errands for the day before having to pick up youngest son at his after school activity. I run my office out of my car until my phone dies and I realize that my 4th son (different one than the above mentioned ones) took my car charger because he lost his to charge his phone on the way to school with his ride. (Of course he did!) Run into Walmart to get one and proceed to conference with husband on important issues while husband is sitting in waiting room of hospital to get his 2nd round of Rabies shots resulting  from a run in our other dog had with a raccoon on Friday. (Have you ever had 8 shots at a time? every 3 days?) All parties are fine (not sure about the raccoon actually –  but that’s another story!

8. Oldest son (who left car charger in husbands car), calls to ask if I can pick him up at train station earlier than anticipated for he does not feel well… in 30 minutes…wouldn’t be a problem EXCEPT said train station is 30 minutes away if I ditch cart at craft store that just took me  30 minutes to pick out while fielding a frantic phone call from daughter who is a freshman in college who just found out her roommate woke up with a 103 degree fever and is sick with what she thinks is the flu. (Daughter is panicked because she swears she is next and it will ruin her spring Break plans to go skiing with a friend’s family in Utah (where’s my vacation?!?)  Talk daughter off of ledge, look furtively at full cart and then desperately  call and text older son who does not drive, to see if his friend who is working five minutes from train station can do the chauffeuring duty. He can!!!!( I owe him a homemade breakfast tomorrow morning now as well!) I breathe with a sigh of relief that at least I will have accomplished one intended thing on my list today!

9. Pick up youngest son and go to Barnes and Noble to work on his homework with him which  is our standing date on Monday’s. Finish homework while enjoying the bribery brownie an hour later. Receive phone call from husband who has arrived home before I do to hear, ” What’s for dinner????” (Remember I said that it was our reactions to things that count?)

After speaking to husband on phone, I listen to the reports on the radio of the devastation of the tornadoes and the lives lost and irrevocably changed. I had seen some coverage on the news earlier in the morning, yet to be honest with you, I had forgotten about it due to the busy day that I had.  It made me realize that yes, my day was crazy and yes, Murphy’s Law is alive and well in my life and yes I wanted to pull my (still gray) hair out BUT my family is awaiting me at home, safe and sound and my life has not been changed by the events of the day. Dinner or no dinner…we are all together, hair or no hair…and we can bow our heads together and pray for those whose lives were forever affected by real, life changing problems. We are truly blessed…that is a change in perspective.

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