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A Room with a View

There was a little house. That little house was covered in flowers. Flowers of purple and orange mingled with the deeper hues of burgundy. The burgundy coincided with the palest of yellows and all of the colors magically wove themselves together to create a feast for the eye.
Oh…how I love flowers and working in the garden!
 I equate gardening with art. The play of the colors,  hues and textures are akin to painting. It can also be another form of expressing oneself. I always look at the flower above all else when picking out the plants to put in the garden.
I am partial to pale pinks, purples, blues, yellows and whites with a jolt of color here and there.
Flowers that show hues of true red are not found for red is probably my least favorite color. I have a friend who says that he is going to come and plant some red flowers in my garden one day while I am sleeping!
Hot pinks and burgundies are the closest that one will find to that color palette when walking through our little farm.
Whatever you color preference…you can create a room with a view at your house. It will change seasonally and it can be as large or as small of an area as you choose. Just keep in mind that the size of your “room” should be dependent on how much sweat equity you want to put into it that room. My kids have never quite understood my fascination with weeding or gardening in general…nor does my husband for that matter. I find it very peaceful and cathartic to work in the garden. In fact, my son Aidan came out to the vegetable garden while I was out there today and said, “Mom, I don’t know why you like gardening so much.” I replied something that rang with the pleasure and peaceful thing and he said, “Even with the sound of that machine that dad is using?” My husband was not too far away power washing the floor of the spring house which had acquired a lovely shade of green slippery algae and mold from the high humidity and moisture that we have had. So much for me proving the peaceful point! I also did not let on to him, that on a day like today I was probably going to jump into the pool with my clothes on when I was finished for it was so stinking hot…that would have really motivated him to join me. It was bad enough when my youngest son said, earlier in the day, that I should build a little lean to in the garden for when it was so hot and sunny. That way I could go under it and I wouldn’t sweat so much. Imagine his surprise when I jumped in, fully clothed, a few hours later.
Enough about the sweat and peaceful aspects of gardening. The best thing about it for me is to be able to go right outside and pick what I need a few minutes before entertaining! I love free form arrangements and they are so easy to do. Remember the Murphy’s Law blog a few posts back? It never fails and I mean it when I say that it is a few minutes before!!!!
I took my love of gardening and entertaining (I did not tell you about that passion yet) and created these sweet little menu or place card holders for the Summer Barn Sale coming up this weekend.
We will have all items available you see here to put together your own creative table for an upcoming summer gathering.
What “room” with a view are you going to create or have you created? Would love to hear about it!
Happy Gardening!

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