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A Feast for the eyes

 I just came back from the New York International Home and Gift Show and all I can say is Wow! I had attended the Show in Atlanta this past January and it was an experience but this one…had all the energy and size of New York City!!! My head was on a swivel as I walked down the aisles viewing all the tremendous items that the vendors were carrying. I placed my first order from a Company in Austria of some beautiful and very original handcrafted Christmas ornaments. I thought I would give you a preview of some of the items from one of my favorite vendors, Europe2You.
The glassware combined with the old reclaimed wood that they use creates beautiful items of great durability.
This coffee table can be taken apart and you can remove the trays and use them elsewhere to serve food, drinks etc. Very unique!
Many of the vendors do not let you take pictures…so the rest of my finds will have to be revealed in November!
The sights and sounds were not only in the Convention Center but outside as well! I took a walk around the city at night and a visual feast was to be had there as well!
The lights and energy of the city is so evident at every corner! (Still have to purchase a camera so my apologies for the cell phone pictures!)
I had to email this one to my boys…one of their favorite stores!!!
You will have to stay tuned for more finds that I am putting together for the Barn Event in November!

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