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A Bounty of Farm Tables and More

 Excitement brews as we haul in treasures from our latest excursions. We have a bounty of beautiful old wood farm tables to share with you at the next sale.
These ones are made with old wood tops and new wood  for the legs. They are embellished with a simple wooden apron.
We found them in two sizes.
This table has drawers on one side thus making a great desk. Not sure if we are going to paint this piece but we better decide soon!
Beautiful Irish scrubbed pine Library table…what a find!
We just came in from the barn where we are finishing up repurposing old frames like this beauty into bulletin boards and chalkboards. We have quite a collection of which I will preview for you in my next post.
Happy treasure hunting! Only 30 more days until the Barn Sale!

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  1. ItsJustMeg says:

    these all look great meg!!! can’t wait for the sale!

  2. Farm tables says:

    Thanks for sharing here , these farm table looks good and try to design more and more by which you get good sale