Zumba Under the Stars

I am sure that you are wondering what the heck is Zumba Under the Stars? Most of you who have come to our Preview Parties before are probably saying, “No way that any stars will be seen that night since there is usually a deluge on the night of the Life’s Patina Preview Parties!” Tsk, tsk…such negativity…We have been kind to mother nature and we seem to have won her over since the last two events we have held at the barn have had delightful weather. We are ecstatic that the weather again looks promising for this Friday’s Zumba Under the Stars with Dr. B., otherwise known as Bhavana Shymalan. She has garnered an impressive list of accolades in the Zumba world and rumor has it, she teaches an amazing class! She will be with us this Friday evening, October 17th to lead us through an energy filled Girls Night Out Under the Stars to benefit Philadelphia Public Schools. Bhavana and her husband M. Night, have been vocal advocates of reform in education. 

We at Life’s Patina are honored to be hosting this event. The spearhead behind it all is Bonnie Koss, a dynamic women herself, who likes to impart change in the FUNdraising events that she has put together and led in the past few years. She is a dynamo of good will and her energy and her positive spin on life are apparent when you meet her. She has put this event together as a successor to last year’s that we held in the barn where two van loads of school supplies were collected and then donated to Philadelphia Public Schools. 

All you have to do to attend is to clear your schedule, show up at the barn at Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm at 6:00 pm with school supplies, $15 to cover dinner,  and your dancing shoes (in this case make them gym shoes) so that you can join in on a fabulous night of camaraderie and fun to make a difference! If you would like, it is a BYOB event so feel free to bring the bevy of your choice. Water and non alcoholic beverages will be provided. Of course, being that it is at Life’s Patina, shopping will be involved if you so desire. It will be your last chance to peruse our Fall displays and decor before we break down to get ready for the Holiday season and as always, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to Philadelphia Public Schools and the purchase of desperately needed basic school supplies and books.
On a side note, I think it should be called Zumba in Front of a Mirror. I love to go the gym when time allows, for while I am physically active with a lot of heavy lifting, sanding and the likes, there is nothing like being in a room full of women working out together…except if it is a Zumba class. If you are an avid Zumba goer, you go girl for you will rock it! If you are not, please do not let that deter you. I have taken only one Zumba class in my life, probably because I was not in one led by Dr. B, and I came out of that class with a huge smile on my face. Not knowing the moves, I certainly felt like I had two left feet. Considering that it was done whilst looking at myself in a mirror, I could do nothing but laugh as the image in front of me was going in the wrong direction of the other images and my hips were certainly not moving in the direction that they should have been. If you are taking yourself wayyyy to seriously and are a novice, come out and break that habit!

For more information and to let the organizer know you are coming for an accurate count click on the following link –

Zumba Under the Stars – Facebook Event Page!

See you on Friday night the 17th!!