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Year of the Body in Atlanta!

Hello everyone! I am excited to say we are in Atlanta looking for lots of new products and ideas for our 2013 shows!  Last year was clearly the year of the owl…this year…seems to be the year of the body.

 I know we are there to look at products but all these bodies wouldn’t stop looking at us!   

Light Fixture?
Angry Face!

Wait, where are my legs?

Come to me! Please and get me off this pedestal!
Just sitting around…

Interchangeable depending on who is sitting here!

Welcome, I have a candle and a bird to share with you

Scull Decor – fancy!
Ahhhh….maybe I miss the year of the owl after all!

I know that most of us start the new year with all sorts of resolutions focusing on our bodies, what we put into them and how we need to exercise more etc., etc., etc., All these bodies take that to a whole new level.
We will be back tomorrow with some of the things we LOVE!
(If only these bodies will stop looking at us…)
Chris and Meg

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