Totally decadent!

I took a total walk on the wild side yesterday afternoon and went to see a movie at 4:15 in the afternoon! I felt like a giddy school girl cutting classes…not that I have ever done that… but that is how I probably would have felt. Shirking all of my responsibilities and doing something totally self indulgent in the middle of the afternoon? Never mind that it was during the bewitching hours after school encompassing pick ups, homework and dinner (it’s a long movie) but I was not bringing my family with! ┬áIt was just me and a couple of dear friends who agreed to go along with this decadent activity.
You should try it! It took me 21 years…don’t wait so long…
Fabulous emotional movie…much more so than when seen on stage.
What has been a totally decadent outing that you have partaken in???