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Through the Looking Glass

Tomorrow our second oldest, and only daughter graduates from High School. Talk about a wake up call on how quickly time marches on…My emotions are all over the place and I better bring a box of tissues to the ceremony! I will be taking a brief hiatus from my blog so that we can celebrate and then get ready for her Graduation party. 

I love themes and when she and her brothers were younger, I would have theme days at home where maybe it would be “strawberry day” one day and then “whale day” the next. I would get books from the library on whatever the day would be centered around and we would do a craft or an activity as well as a food that went along with the theme. If time allowed, or it was feasible that activity would include going somewhere. For example we would go strawberry picking or to the aquarium. Now do not roll your eyes, it would not be every day that we did this, but I think my teaching background combined with my love of books and projects spurred this on. 

Well, this will be my last Theme Day for Kelsey before she heads off to create her own life in college. Her Graduation Party is going to be centered around an Alice and Wonderland theme. I thought what better way to celebrate than “through the looking glass?”I will be sure to post pictures next week as well as some instructions on some of the decor and yummy treats that I will be working on to celebrate.

 I will be filled with both pride and sadness at this event tomorrow. How did I get to this point so quickly? For I only graduated a couple of years ago…or so it seems! 

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