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Preview Brunch for Historic Yellow Springs

It rained like the dickens on Friday night! My husband and I were holding court late night in the upper barn moving around furniture and scrambling to get everything set up for the Sunday Brunch Garden Party Preview benefitting Historic Yellow Springs and the Yellow Springs Art Show. Have you ever been in a tin roofed barn in a major rain storm? You know the sound of raindrops on a tin roof can be kind of calming. I still have memories of being a teenager tucked under the eaves in my bedroom on the 3rd floor of our farmhouse with the rain falling softly on the tin roof…very peaceful. This was nothing like that! It was raining so hard and the wind was blowing the rain in every direction causing it to enter into the barn in places that I did not know existed. We scrambled around, sheets of plastic in hand to cover everything we had painstakingly set up.

By morning, the clouds were clearing, the sun was making an appearance and aside from being a little chilly (okay very cold by April’s standards with frost warnings) it was setting up to be a beautiful day. 
Why am I talking about the weather you ask? Because I am am a Murphy and Mrs. Murphy/ Veno was hosting an OUTDOOR garden party on Sunday. If I was holding an outdoor party and it had not rained in forty days than the probability of rain on that day would be pretty high.  I had been watching the weather like a hawk and I really wanted a beautiful Spring day to accompany this special event. Looking good so far! Sunday morning arrives and it was dark when I reentered the barn after my cat nap.  I was dressed in seven layers for it was mighty cold but as the day unfurled one layer, and then another and then another were peeled off.  The sun was shining beautifully and the sky was as blue as blue could be with a couple of wispy clouds wafting by to add a little bit of softness. Perfect day for a lovely group of people to come out to support a special place!
(Dodged you this time Murph!)

I set up the bar with old crates, barrels and chests.

Add some wine glasses and tumblers and we were almost all set.

Add some Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas and a cute bartender and we ARE all set!
(Thanks honey!)

Hire a tremendously talented cater, Loraine from Loraine Houston Catering in Chester Springs who concocted some delicious morsels…

Chilled Roasted Beet and Orange Soup
Arugula and Creamy Lemon Chicken Salad

Quiona with Grilled Vegetables, Cilantro and Queso Fresco

Top it off with a dessert table loaded with Rosemary Shortbread and Kahlua and Berry Oreos,

a mismatched assortment of china cups and saucers for coffee and tea…(I told you I had a fettish for dishes!)

and you will have a foodie like me thinking she died and went to heaven!
Everything I used to style the party are items that we have available in the barn plus a couple of my own goodies like the teacups from my house. I like to show people how they can use the merchandise that we have for sale. 

Add the people…and I really did feel like I had died and had gone to heaven!

It was wonderful to meet the guests who all were connected by a common bond,  sustaining such a historic place as Yellow Springs Village.
It was a wonderful day, both inside the barn …
and out!

We hope that you can join us in the barn this weekend for our upcoming sale where a portion of all proceeds will be donated to both Historic Yellow Springs and ECHOES. I will fill you in on what ECHOES does later this week.
Until next time…

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