POSTPONED Due To SEVERE WEATHER….oh…and a preview of our many surprises!

We didn’t mean it literally when we said to “take the plunge with us” and come to our Margarita’s in the Barn Party and Summer Sale! We have agonized over that verbage for the last 24 hours with the current forecast for tomorrows’ weather! I have googled every weather forecasting apparatus possibility to check out what their report has been, in the hopes that someone will say something different. Looks like it is going to be rough sailing for tomorrow.

On that note, we are sad to say that wearing your Wellies, Hunters, or anything close to that will not keep you out of the deluge of water we will experience should we get the forecasted rain. We do have a rowboat in the pond that might keep one afloat but should the pond merge with the creek behind it, that would be a sinking ship. Along with that factor, we considered the following, all of which helped us come to our decision.
1. We have all the cars park in the horse field. Where there is a horse field, there is grass. Grass grows in dirt. What happens when dirt gets really, really wet? It makes mud. What happens when you put a thousand pound vehicle on said mud???
 You don’t want to film the driver who gets stuck in the mud.
2. We live on an old farm with really old trees. Said trees have been known to fall after ground gets extremely wet and wind blows. Those said trees have caused us to drive through one of the soggy, mud laden fields in a desperate attempt to circumvent tree that fell across driveway in order to not miss our flight to Paris on our 20th Wedding Anniversary! They have caused me to yell at inanimate objects more times than I would care to admit, as they have fallen time and time again…can you guess where… across the driveway.
3. The gentle pitter patter of rain on a tin roof is delightful…
The pounding of heavy rain on a large barn tin roof is deafening. Imagine trying to carry on stimulating conversation whilst drinking a Margarita under such caphony? 
4. Old barns have majestic cupolas on their roofs. Did you know that cupolas are open so that the barn can ventilate well? Have you been in a barn with blowing rain standing under the cupola???
Make note to self not to do so!
5. Our number one reason is 
 our concern for anyone who might brave the weather to come out to experience such a life altering event.
Unfortunately for all the above reasons we have been forced to postpone the Margarita’s in the Barn Event until the next night, Friday the 14th. (so glad Friday is not the 13th!) It was an agonizing decision since our guest list was quite filled but we really could not see hosting the event if the forecasts pan out. (If they don’t…have you heard of the Beserkers of Viking fame??? you just might see a red headed woman one in action.

We realize that may preclude some of you from joining us.  Our sincerest apologies, for above all, we want you to be safe! You can always join us during our regular sale hours.  On Friday, we are starting a little earlier at 6 pm. We still have our amazing menu planned with catering by Loraine Houston, some yummy Pomegrante Margaritas, along with the traditional version and some Sangria thrown in for good measure!  Our focus for the evening will continue to be on Designing4Hope and raising friends and funds for this worthy organization!

Our barn rooms are all beautified and we hope that you can still join us and for those of you who could not make it on Thursday, maybe you can join in on the fun now. If anyone knows Mother Nature or Mr. Murphy, of Murphy’s Law fame can you please put a good word in for me?
Here is a snapshot of some of the goodies that are awaiting you in the barn!
Plenty of Father’s Day gifts!
Swedish and French furniture
Equine inspired decor and art
Beach inspired rooms

Fabulous works of art for an endearing child’s room
Fabulous works of art for anywhere!

Appearances by Sevani Botanicals
 and Zoet Bathletier~the whole barn smells simply divine!
A collection of beautiful blue and white plates

Unique displays

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! There is much more to be seen. Come support the local artists who work every day to create things of beauty…you can shop at the cookie cutter shops anytime!
If you have not made it out to Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm yet…come experience it. I am a little biased, but it is well worth the effort! AND you will be supporting Designing 4 Hope, our partner organization for the Summer Sale.
Open Friday from noon-5:00 and then Margarita’s in the barn from 6:00-9:00
Saturday from 9:00-5:00

Be safe! All the best~