Plein Air Festival visits Life’s Patina at Willowbrook Farm

We were so pleased to see the photographers and artists involved in the Plein Air Festival through the Wayne Arts Center use the scenery at Willowbrook Farm to create their art!  I was lucky enough to meet several of the artists and talk with them.

Their talent was astounding!
Brenda Carpenter, who was the photographer for the whole week long event was kind enough to send me this proof of a picture she took of my favorite fountain in the front of the house. Look how she treated it and made it look like a painting itself. Another incredible artist with a remarkable eye for color and composition! Brenda is THE photographer of the Devon Horse Show which begins this coming Thursday the 24th.  

courtesy of Brenda Carpenter, follow her at

The Plein Air Festival at the Wayne Art Center is where thirty five artists from around the country are chosen to paint landscapes over the course of five days out in the “plain air”surrounding the Art Center as well as Philadelphia. The Plein Air Exhibit and Sale is open to the public through June 30th. For more information on the festival and to see more of the artwork created, please visit