Littlest Angels

It is with a heavy heart, and a tear much too quick to come to the eye, that I prepare for Christmas in these past few days since the senseless tragedy occurred in Connecticut. The glitter of Christmas has dimmed and I have found it difficult to post about decor and things that seem so trivial in light of what has transpired. I hope that all of you out there are still celebrating this splendid time of year and dealing with the tragedy in whatever way you and your families see fit. We are…and trying to push aside our somberness of adulthood and understanding of what it all means in order to help our children feel safe and to feel that the whole world is not a big bad place. 

Our hearts ache for all of those families affected, both young and old, and our prayers are sent upward to help heal all involved, both on site and around this grand old country.
With Love,

  1. Priscilla says:

    Meg – I too am struggling to “celebrate” the season while so many are suffering unimaginable loss. I am sure many other mothers (parents) are feeling the same way. As I shopped today I noticed people’s expressions, and no one was smiling. Most people looked quite somber, just going about their errands. It is amazing how one human being has robbed millions of the joy of Christmas this year.

    I plan on displaying a “little angel tree” in my home this year and as my 20 guests sit down for dinner, their place setting will include a cutout angel ornament with the name of one of each of the children lost in the CT shootings. We will pray for each child and everyone will promise to do an act of kindness in the name of “their child”. After dinner we will each add our angel to the tree and vow to remember them and their families year to year. It is a small gesture but one of remembrance and respect that the families in Newtown deserve.
    Our best to you and your family as Christmas approaches and we gather with family and friends, all the while keeping those parents in CT close in our hearts. God bless the children and the school administrators who tried to keep them safe…