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Last Day in Edinburgh

We were spending our last day in Edinburgh today and wanted to make the most of it so Shane and I again hit the streets as Chris had a business meeting to attend and then another round of golf. It was misting lightly as we journeyed out to the Edinburgh castle. A majestic castle that overlooks the city and can be seen from almost every vantage point.

It is an unbelievable marvel with a storied history of battles between the English and the Scots to hold it.
I don’t know about you but I find it utterly fascinating to walk the hallowed halls, walls and cobblestone  streets and alleyways of these castles and cities that were teeming with life centuries ago!
Upon leaving the castle, we passed the oldest cathedral in town and took a look inside. 
Magnificent! We could not take photos because we did not have a photography pass, I am sorry to say.

From there we walked the Royal Mile, which is the oldest street in town which takes you on a medieval styled journey from the castle to Hollyrod Palace, where the Queen stays now when she is coming into town. She was arriving the next day so unfortunately it was unable to be toured. Did she not know that I, Princess Margaret Rose, her sister was in town? Ha!
We passed by many a shop and pub but our mission was to get to Arthur’s Seat, a green cliff that rose high above the city which you could hike up and get a magnificent view of this expansive city. Shane had wanted to do this and with our late start, yet again we had to hustle it to get back to the hotel in time to get ready for the last dinner of the conference where they were going to be making Scot’s of everyone who was in attendance. More on that later.

It was a steep walk and I am glad that I had boots on for it was much more rocky than they had explained. The concierge at the hotel did look at us a little dubiously as we asked for directions on how to get there. Maybe our attire of non hiking gear caused him to draw out on the map the circuitous long way up to the top? Of course upon arriving at the seat we both decided that it would take too long to go that route so we motored it straight up the mountain path.

The views were worth it!!
We grabbed a Scottish Calzone for Shane on the journey back to the hotel and after eating it he promptly crashed. I thought Chris would already be in the room getting ready but he was not. He was delayed due to his celebration of a Hole In One that he made at the North Berwick Course, the second oldest links course in the world! Overjoyed is an understatement on the golfing experiences that he has had on this Scotland trip.
Absolutely hysterical is an understatement on what went on as he was trying to “dress” for the evenings affair. All of the men were given kilts that had been rented for them for the dinner that evening. When in Scotland…do as the Scots do…maybe? An Italian in Scotland was all that I could think of as well as maybe a famous one??? For everyone greeted him as if so, for his celebrity status elevated as news of his earlier Hole In One got around.
We ate dinner at an unbelievable venue that started it’s life as a Bank and has been converted into a Restaurant that has been aptly named, The Dome. 

It had not one, but two domes that created a killer atmosphere.
Look at this floral arrangement! It is the biggest that I have ever seen!
Add to that, a beautiful presentation of the food,
a wonderful walk home past the gorgeous sights

and lights of Edinburgh

behind kilted men…
how could it not be a perfect end to a perfect visit to Edinburgh?
Onto Stirling tomorrow morning and then our final destination of Loch Lomond. 
Until then~

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