HOLIDAY BARN SALE RESCHEDULED! New Dates November 16 – 18, 2012

Hello all! We are so sorry to have to postpone this Holiday sale for we were were so looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend! We hope that you will be able to come out and join us sometime over the rescheduled sale dates which are the weekend of November 16th through 18th. Same time, same product with even more festive merchandise added!

As I have posted in my blog before, life has a way of throwing many curve balls at you and this time, there were way too many to catch!  Some had to be hit in another direction and this was one that we wanted everyone to be in the mood and ready for! (including me…) We are hoping that the sun is starting to shine in your part of your world that has been pretty stormy. Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to those who have been forever affected by Sandy.

 We will definitely be having the sale on the weekend of November 16th!  Even though I have five children, I have way too much merchandise to give as Holiday gifts this upcoming season and we have some really fun and unique ways that we have decorated the barn which you might be able to adapt to your own home!

Looking forward to seeing you all November 16th through the 18th!!!!